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Ian Bickers addresses CJA members

Transcript of Ian Bicker’s speech to CJA members about the changes made, successes achieved and lessons learned at HMP Wandsworth since it became a reform prison.

CJA Award Winners 2016

STORYBOOK DADS TOP 2016 CJA AWARDS £4,000 prize for most inspiring organisation BBC News wins accolade for Journalism of the Year Storybook Dads, the charity enabling 15,000 children every year to hear stories read by their parents from prison, won the top award as Organisation of the Year at last night’s 2016 Criminal Justice Alliance Awards ceremony. (more…)

Dame Glenys Stacey addresses CJA members

Summary of Dame Glenys Stacey's speech to CJA members about her first six months at Chief Inspector of Probation, the role she sees for the Inspectorate and the current state of probation in England and Wales.
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Safety in Custody Statistics

The Ministry of Justice has published Safety in Custody statistics showing a record high of 119 self-inflicted deaths last year, up 29, 12 of which were female. The rate of self-inflicted deaths in prison has doubled since 2012. The likelihood is 8.6 times higher than in the general population.

Justice Select Committee: Young Adults

The Justice Select Committee has released a report on the treatment of young adults in the criminal justice system. It argues that there should be a distinct approach to the treatment of them while in the system in order to make successful transitions to a crime-free adulthood.

Justice Select Committee: Role of the magistracy

The Justice Select Committee has released a report on the role of the magistracy recommending the Ministry of Justice; takes steps to increase the diversity of magistrates; carries out a comprehensive review of their training needs; and develops a timetable for increasing their sentencing powers to 12 months’ custody.
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