IPCC: 2012/13 and 2013/14 Police Complaint Statistics

Publication of official statistics showing a rise in police complaints and appeals in England and Wales. During this period, police forces were not handling complaints sufficiently well. The IPCC upheld 49% of appeals by those whose complaints were not even recorded in the first place and upheld 44% of appeals from those whose complaints had been investigated by the local force. Overall, that amounted to a 46% uphold rate – a figure that has steadily risen over recent years. The number of complaints itself continued to rise by 15%.  That would not be a cause for concern if it reflected a greater public confidence in the complaints system, or improved access to it.  This is unlikely to be the case: in a recent survey commissioned by the IPCC, 38% of those surveyed did not have confidence in the fairness of the police complaints system, and that was even higher among young people. Read the report here.