The CJA Awards celebrate organisations and individuals who have made a marked contribution to

  • Effectiveness
  • Fairness
  • New models of delivery

anywhere across the criminal justice pathway.

The 2018 Awards – generously supported by the Hadley Trust – will give prizes of £4,000 and £2,000 to two organisations and £1,000 to an individual to support their work.

A further award (with no cash prize but a trophy) will be given to a print, online or broadcast journalist (or journalists) who has made a notable contribution to a better understanding of criminal justice in the last 12 months. There will also be a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The 2017 Awards saw DIVERT winning the Organisation of the Year. LJ Flanders, founder of Cell Workout, won the Individual of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Lucy Perman, then Executive Director of Clean Break.



Nominations for the three Prize Awards may be made by organisations or individuals themselves or by third parties. Entries must be made by Friday 21 September (for full details see below). A sifting panel of CJA staff and trustees will prepare shortlists for the judges by 28 September. The panel is responsible for both nominating and shortlisting the Journalism Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. The Awards will be presented at a ceremony in central London on Thursday 8 November 6-8pm.



In order to nominate your organisation, yourself or another organisation or individual, you need to provide:

  1. If self-nominating, your full name and online and postal contact addresses (not for publication in the case of individual nominees). If you’re nominating someone else, your own online, telephone and postal contact address (not for publication) and the full name of the nominee and their organisation (if appropriate).
  2. A citation (of up to 500 words) explaining how the work of the nominated organisation or individual has contributed significantly to the promotion of effectiveness, fairness or new models of delivery at some point in the criminal justice pathway during the last year. Please try and give as clear a picture as you can of what specific impact the organisation or individual has had. Are there any measurable outcomes from the activity involved? Please try to explain for us what’s special about the work involved?
  3. An explanation (of up to 100 words) of how the prize money would be spent, if successful.
  4. Two references (of up to 300 words each) supporting the nomination. These must each be accompanied by an online, telephone and postal contact address (not for publication).

You must send all the information above by email to by Friday 21 September 2018.



If you have any other enquiries about the CJA Awards 2018 or about how to enter please email or call us on 0203 176 1153.




Privacy Notice: All personal information obtained from nominations will be held securely and used solely for the purpose of contacting you about the Awards. Your information will not be shared with outside parties.