Conservative Manifesto

The Conservative Party published its manifesto and manifesto costings for the 2019 General Election this afternoon. This is a summary of their proposed criminal justice policies:


Recruit 20,000 new police officers

Back the increased use of stop and search as long as it is fair and proportionate

Put the Police Covenant into law

Equip officers with additional powers and tools including tasers and body cameras

Introduce a new court order to make it easier for officers to stop and search those convicted of knife crime

Ensure anyone charged with knife possession will appear before magistrates within days

Strengthen the accountability of elected Police and Crime Commissioners and expand their role

Use additional police resources to tackle rural crime


Create a prisoner education service focused on work-based training and skills

Improve employment opportunities for ex-offenders, including a job coach in each prison

Improve prison security to protect staff, stop drug smuggling and reduce violence

Add 10,000 more prison places, with £2.75 billion already committed to refurbishing and creating modern prisons

Maintain the ban on prisoners voting from prison


Conduct a root-and-branch review of the parole system

Give victims the right to attend hearings

Establish a Royal Commission on the criminal justice process


Introduce tougher sentencing for serious offenders

End automatic halfway release from prison for serious crimes

For people convicted of murder of a child, there will be life imprisonment without parole

Pass the Police Protection Bill

Consult on doubling the maximum sentence for assaulting workers in emergency services such as police officers, firefighters and paramedics

Double the maximum prison term to 14 years for individuals convicted of the most serious examples of tax fraud

Introduce tougher sentences for animal cruelty

Vulnerable children:

Review the care system to make sure that all care placements and settings are providing children and young adults with the support they need

Improve the Troubled Families programme and champion Family Hubs to serve vulnerable families with intensive, integrated support

Young people and children:

Invest £500 million in youth services for young people

If they endanger others, we will put them in new alternative provision schools

Trial Secure Schools for young people who offend

Introduce new laws requiring schools, police, councils and health authorities to work together through Violence Reduction Units to prevent serious crime


Tackle drug-related crime and take a new approach to treatment

Foreign nationals:

Prevent more foreign national offenders entering our country

Cut the number of foreign nationals in prison and increase penalties to stop them returning

Prevent serious criminals from entering the country


Expand electronic tagging for offenders serving time outside prison, including the use of sobriety tags for those whose offending is fuelled by alcohol

Toughen community sentences, for example by tightening curfews and making people with convictions do more hours of community payback to clean up parks and streets

Modern crime prevention:

Embrace new technologies and crack down on online crimes

Create a new national cyber crime force

Empower the police to safely use new technologies like biometrics and artificial intelligence, along with the use of DNA, within a strict legal framework

Create a National Crime Laboratory

Strengthen the National Crime Agency so to tackle fraud, county lines gangs, child sexual abuse, illicit finance, modern slavery and people trafficking

Victims of crime:

Pass and implement a Victims’ Law that guarantees victims’ rights and the level of support they can expect

Violence against women and girls:

Support all victims of domestic abuse and pass the Domestic Abuse Bill

Increase support for refuges and community support for victims of rape and sexual abuse

Pilot integrated domestic abuse courts that address criminal and family matters in parallel


End rough sleeping by the end of the next Parliament

Expand pilots and programmes such as the Rough Sleeping Initiative and Housing First

Work to bring together local services to meet the health and housing needs of people sleeping on the streets

Renew the Affordable Homes Programme

Fully enforce the Homelessness Reduction Act