Meet the Member: NatCen

Criminal Justice Alliance

In this #MeetTheMember blog, we speak to Caroline Turley, Director of Crime and Justice at the National Centre for Social … Continued

Meet the Member: StandOut

Criminal Justice Alliance

In this #MeetTheMember blog, we speak to Alex Rose, Lead Coach at StandOut. Alex discusses how the death of a … Continued

Meet the Member: Spark Inside

Criminal Justice Alliance

For our next #MeetTheMember blog, we spoke to Indy Cross, Head of Communications at Spark Inside, a charity which runs … Continued

What is effective scrutiny of stop and search?

Nina Champion, Director, Criminal Justice Alliance

As police officers will know, modern-day policing in the UK was founded on the Peelian principle of ‘policing by public consent.’ This principle, … Continued

Meet the Member: Clean Sheet

Criminal Justice Alliance

For our next #MeetTheMember blog, we spoke to Samantha Graham, Chief Operating Officer at Clean Sheet, an organisation which helps … Continued

Meet the Member: The Wallich

Criminal Justice Alliance

In the next blog in our #MeetTheMember series, we speak to Ellie Pearson, Head of Participation and Progression at The Wallich, … Continued

Meet the Member: P3

Criminal Justice Alliance

P3 is a national charity and social enterprise that works to improve lives and communities by delivering services for socially excluded … Continued

Meet the Member: Working Chance

Criminal Justice Alliance

Our Meet the Member series shines a spotlight on the organisations and individuals working towards a fairer and more effective … Continued

‘You are what you read’

Nina Champion, CJA Director

For those of you looking for an addition to your summer reading list, I have a strong recommendation – ‘You … Continued

It’s time to #OPENUP women’s futures

Claire Cain, Campaigns and Public Affairs Manager at Women in Prison

On Wednesday 26th June women affected by the criminal justice system, staff and volunteers from Women’s Centres, support services, and … Continued

Happy #RJWeek2018 from the CJA

Peter Keeling, CJA Policy Officer

Restorative Justice Week has been a catalyst for a welcome flurry of awareness-raising activities across the country as Police & … Continued

Stop and Scrutinise

Nina Champion, CJA Director

Six weeks into my new role and I am enjoying re-familiarising myself with parts of the criminal justice system outside … Continued

Short prison sentences are Short-Sighted

Burcu Borysik, Policy Manager at Revolving Doors Agency

At Revolving Doors, we’re proud to bring together policy, research and lived experience to support solutions for people who are … Continued

Changing someone’s life story

Mentoring Project Manager HMP Wandsworth at Trailblazers

‘Coming to HMP Wandsworth was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I’ve never had so much … Continued

Disturbing trends in stop and search

Peter Keeling, Policy Officer at the CJA

Home Office statistics just published for 2016-17 show that black, Asian and minority ethnic people are now nearly four times … Continued

Too many women at double disadvantage

Katharine Sacks-Jones, Director at Agenda

Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) women in the criminal justice system are a minority within a minority, so highlighting … Continued

Time for everyone to back drug policy reform

Danny Kushlick, founder and Head of External Affairs at Transform Drug Policy Foundation

In a June 2014 open letter to David Cameron, more than 80 campaigners urged the prime minister to launch a … Continued

In 2016, Christmas came early …

Sharon Berry, Director at Storybook Dads

Just before Christmas, our charity was named Organisation of the Year at the 2016 CJA Awards. Storybook Dads lets dads, … Continued

On the stopping train to prison reform

Ben Summerskill, Director at the Criminal Justice Alliance

After 14 months of enthralling high-wire performances by an all-singing all-dancing Secretary of State for Justice, Liz Truss’s tenure in … Continued

Change is within our grasp

John Samuels, retiring Chair of the CJA

My involvement with the Criminal Justice Alliance began by a series of happy accidents. By chance I attended its 2007 … Continued

The hidden victims of home raids

Katherine Copperthwaite, Children and Young People’s Advocate at Prison Advice & Care Trust

It’s well-documented that children with a family member in prison are significantly more likely to experience poverty, homelessness and educational … Continued

Seek out uncongenial company in 2017

Ben Summerskill, Director at the Criminal Justice Alliance

The painfully predictable riots at HMP Birmingham just before Christmas caused one prison reformer to share with Twitter the firm … Continued

Into the blinding light

Paula Harriott, Head of Involvement at Revolving Doors Agency

When I speak about user involvement it’s not only as Head of Involvement at Revolving Doors and previously at User … Continued